Sleeping Guards
Sleep & Protect!

When our close friends at Sleeping Guards Inc., asked for our help, we proved to ourselves and our partners that CNX Creative is a company that is always willing to try new things.

Sleeping Guards is a company based in Chiang Mai that offers security guard services for a drastically discounted cost. Why and how is this possible? Take a look at the Sleeping Guard’s informational video to find out.

In case you are wondering, The Sleeping Guards business is not in operation (but it might be one day). We engineered and developed the entire concept ourselves, from scratch. But the project wasn’t entirely just for laughs.

On April 1st, 2013 (April Fool’s Day), CNX Creative hosted an event at Le Meridien hotel in Chiang Mai to “launch” the sleeping guards business. We invited all of our partners and friends within the local business community and everyone had a blast.

At CNX Creative our capabilities reach beyond the design studio and into various other realms. With creativity as the lifeblood of our company, we are eager to work with partners from differing fields and industries, and find innovative, strategic ways meet our the needs of our partners.

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