Contributing to the CNXP Festival

The User Experience and User Interface (UX UI) introduction class hosted by CNX Creative on December 6th, 2013proved to be a total success for the attendees and the company. The workshop wasone of many tech-focused workshops offered during the CNXP Festival 2013—a two-day conference centered on technology, music, and photo-film media.

The workshop began with a one-hour lecture that covered the fundamental principles of UX and UI as they relate to multimedia design andproduct design across all industries and the company’s step-by-step work process for UX UI projects. As illustration, the speakers usedcase studies of past company projects, giving the audience real life examples of the interrelationship and features of UX and UI. After the lecture, the 22 attendeesput theirnewly gained knowledge to useby workingin small teams on a creativeassignment. The diversity of backgrounds and fields among the participants lead to each teamproducing outstandingly creative results.

We are thankful to everyone who attended and participated in our UX UI Introduction Class. We were delighted by everyone’seagerness to learn and hope for the same level of enthusiasm among next year’s workshop attendees. Please contact usregarding any ideas, suggestions, or questions you have about the UX UI Introduction class at:

We’d also like to thank Chiang Mai Creative City and the CNXP Fest team for allowing us to be partners in such an incredible event. It is a true privilege to learn and grow from our partners in this industry.

About CNXP

CNXP Festival is a technology, music, and photo & film conference held annually in Chiang Mai, and was inspired by the South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas. CNXP includes daytime seminars, workshops, and demos, and evening entertainment held in several intimate locations throughout Chiang Mai’s vibrant Nimmanhaemin area. CNXP is organized by Chiang Mai Creative City, one of Chiang Mai’s leading creative companies.