Prem Tinsulanonda International School’s Art’s Day Out

On January 30th, 2014 CNX Creative had the privilege to participate in Prem Tinsulanonda International School’s Art’s Day Out, where students were exposed to the arts through learning sessions led by guest presenters from the community.CNX Creative led four of these sessions that exposed the students to various aspects of the media and graphic design from a professional perspective.

Time - Lapse Video

The first session of the day was How to Make a Time-lapse Video, given by Thanachat Chantaramanee, CNX Creative’s Production Manager. This workshop gave insight into the subject of time-lapse photography, and technical details to enable students to create simple time-lapse projects on their own.

Ux Ui Design

Creative Director Piyachon Artkla gave the second session of the day, The Principles of User Experience and User Interface Design. To many students the principles of UX UI design were a new concept, and the session gave them a new perspective on design. In the end students were able to use their creative skills and redesign a real life product using the principles learned in the lesson.

Character Design

The third session was Character Design and Animation for Film given by the company’s lead 3D animator, Jirawat Srisarntiwong. After learning the process and theory of character animation, Student’s stepped into the shoes of real life animation professionals and created characters from scratch!

Sketchup Tutorial

The final session was a Sketchup tutorial given by TinnagonUnchiti, where students were instructed on how to build a 3D living room using Google ketchup. The students caught on quickly and were soon creating 3D models of all sorts.

Prem’s Art’s Day Out was asuccessfor the students as well as all the participating guests. At CNX Creative the team was eager to be a part of the Arts Day from the very beginning. One of the company’s creative directors stated, “We are a community oriented company.It was good to see students being inspired. We were happy to provide new knowledge and contribute tothe student’s educationwhile exposing them to the professional world of media and design.”