Presented by Chiang Mai Creative City awarded to CNX Creative, SPB TV
Promotional Infrastructure Video For excellence in the printed and New Media Category

TCDC Chiang Mai, November 12nd, 2013 - The Annual Chiang Mai Design Awards (CDA) by Chiang Mai Creative City (CMCC) has launched the award ceremony today. This event is an initiative that aims to promote innovation and creativity across a range of design categories. The CDA focuses on design, often with a contemporary touch, rather than pure art or craft.

This year has twenty-one have been selected out of thirty-five shortlisted nominations from four categories were Architecture & Interior, Crafts & Furniture, Printed & New Media, and Packaging. The winners for Printed & New Media was awarded to the CNX Creative SPB TV Promotional Video for mobile media solution and platform with high level of animation.

The animations was created by CNX Creative, part of SPB TV group. The main concept was simplified the process of SPB TV media platform to able to understand in 2 minutes video.

Design and Techniques of the animation are 2 dimensional images viewed from an isometric camera angle, created through Adobe software. We prepared various elements of the still images from Illustrator and Photoshop, which were then passed on to the 3D motion designer. We finalized and brought it to life in After Effects.